Commercial Purchase, Sales & Leasing

Commercial Purchase, Sales & Leasing

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Commercial Purchase, Sales & Leasing

Discover confidence in Commercial Real Estate with CPL

Our reputable law firm is your go-to destination for navigating the intricate world of commercial property transactions. Whether you’re considering a purchase, sale, or lease, our seasoned attorneys bring their expertise to the table, ensuring your interests are well-protected. We offer strategic legal counsel to buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees alike, guiding you through the legal complexities, negotiations, and due diligence required for a successful outcome.

Commercial Real Property Transactions: 

Our commercial transactional team has a wealth of real estate experience and understands that every commercial transaction is unique.  Whether buying a building or leasing a retail space, due diligence is a key factor in determining whether the property of interest is the right decision for a particular purchaser. It is essential to collaborate with the necessary professionals such as architects, expeditors, engineer inspectors and/or environmental specialists in order to provide a comprehensive and detailed summary of the property.

Commercial Sales and Purchases:

With any commercial property, regardless of which party we represent, knowledge, experience and communication are essential ingredients and allows for the effective handling of obstacles that may be encountered throughout a transaction.  Drafting contracts must be diligently negotiated to incorporate the “what if” factors while being reasonable and efficient. All deals are a priority and handled expeditiously with the understanding there is no deal until the contract is fully executed. 

Our attorneys prepare our clients with an understanding of the entire process, including but not limited to: (a) due diligence; (b) beneficial ways to take title; (c) associated costs; and (d) solutions unique to the transaction.  We put forth exceptional performance from inception to closing, while continuing to educate our clients throughout the process enabling them to navigate successfully through any curve balls they encounter.

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Commercial Leases:

Our attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating commercial leases for landlords, as well as tenants. Whether you are leasing or subleasing a small space, an entire floor/building, or a restaurant, we are qualified and available to represent your interests. Our commercial practice handles preparation of renewal and surrender agreements, termination notices, AIA agreements, guaranties, releases, and HPD rent-roll records.

Regardless of the type of lease transactions, our dedicated team provides consistent excellence in every deal we touch.

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