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Commercial Leasing

The attorneys in our Leasing team have experience navigating through matters such as commercial landlord-tenant leases, ground leases, operating leases, master leases, subleases, sale and leaseback transactions, among others, and lease modifications and extensions.

By taking a holistic approach to leasing matters, the attorneys in our Leasing department ensure that every lease is drafted, negotiated, and executed with the highest quality of care.  Ensuring every lease is handled as such allows us to foresee, minimize, and advise clients potential problems that commonly arise when advising clients in New York City’s fast-paced real estate market.  Whether in a mixed-use building or in an exclusive retail shopping center, our attorneys leverage their extensive knowledge to negotiate leases efficiently to avoid lengthy and costly disputes in the future.

Our experience allows us to consider both sides of the transaction to effectively negotiate the most complex leases while maintaining a business-oriented approach so as to provide our clients with superior legal service without compromising efficiency.  Our unparalleled approach to every leasing transaction effectuates our ability to provide consistent high-quality legal service, increased communication, and efficiency to promote cost-efficient results.